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Celeste wrote Transforming Non-Profits For Relevancy In Challenging Times to teach and show people how to visualize, implement and achieve transformational change - to see things differently - so that new heights of success can be attained.

The book, Transforming Non-Profits For Relevancy In Challenging Times is in circulation in the following libraries:

    The Foundation Center - Cleveland

    The Cleveland Public Library System

    The Shaker Heights High School Library

Review of Transforming Non-profits for the relevance of changing times By Celeste Terry

The review:

This book is one I believe ALL people should read if interested in the non-profit sector of our community. It entails in it the tools necessary to sustain a good non-profit, but through the eyes and experiences of a woman who works in the only one of Cleveland's African-American, African-American funders. Insight, knowledge, compared with experiences from ages 16-now; this book has shaped , better, what I need to do to create, manage, and thrive not just my personal life, but my ability to comprehend the tools demanded in the non-profit world.

The Recommendation:

You ever read a book so good that you wanted to write a review?  Well, that's what happened after I read Transforming Non-profits for relevance of changing times. It was so inspirational and to the point, that, I had to buy a copy (I rented the one I read). I highly recommended this treasure to folks interested in non-profit work, but those who desire to want to better understand the elements of the game.

Much joy,

Allosious K. Snodgrass

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"-Albert Einstein





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